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That's Never A Dog


This little book is the story of a "Do-It-Yourself" Guide Dog and I have attempted to portray the dog's character, her individuality, her amazing loyalty and her tremendous courage.

Jessie and I shared our lives for sixteen years and in all that time she never let me down - not even once.  And that is more than I can say for myself and if I lived to be hundred, I could never achieve the standards of loyalty, love and devotion which she gave to me.

I felt deeply sad and rather hesitant when I began to write Chapter One, but as I commenced to type and to remember all the little things that made up our lives together, I found I was living that life with Jessie all over again.

Being blind, I was never able to see Jessie, but my children and my friends frequently gave me a description of what she was doing, the expression on her face and particularly in her eyes and I am extremely grateful to them all, for those descriptions helped me to know Jessie better and ultimately to write about her.

And so in tribute to Jessie, may I present our little book: "That's Never a Dog".







Mary Beilby

September, 1995


Cost   5.95p per copy with 1 for Post and packaging.  Cheques and Postal Orders should be made payable to 'Jas Heaps'.
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