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Definitions Site Traffic
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The number of times a server is accessed. "Hits" have little meaning to most advertisers, since each page, graphic and/or page element could count as a "hit." Advertising decisions should be based on appearances.

The number of times a visitor sees an advertisement on a web page. Ad prices at the Community InterNetwork are based on appearances.

The number of times a visitor clicks on an ad banner or button graphic, hyperlinking the visitor to the advertiser's Web site.

A ratio that indicates the success of an advertisement by dividing click-through's by total appearances. This ratio can be vary widely depending on the quality and content of the ad. A "good" click-through ratio is generally believed to be in the range of one click-through for every 30 - 40 ad impressions.
Community InterNetwork traffic stats have been climbing steadily with the highest trafficked page on the site currently being the Submission form pages. The Community InterNetwork homepage receives about 5,000 appearances/month. Other pages on Community InterNetwork receive varying traffic and are available for ad placement at a flat monthly fee to be determined between Community InterNetwork and the advertiser.
Close to 30% of Community InterNetwork's traffic is from commercial domains with another 30% coming from casual web surfers. The origins of the remaining 40% is spread across the Web spectrum. Even a quick look at Community InterNetwork's submission categories indicates that the bulk of submissions received fall into either the Business categories or the Personal category.
The Community InterNetwork will accept any and all ad banners except those that are pornographic, blatantly offensive or illegal.
 In order to maintain some consistency between advertisements and ensure server speed does not deteriorate, the following guidelines have been established for advertising graphics at the Community InterNetwork:

Image File Format: GIF format only, preferably interlaced.
Banner Dimensions: Maximum size of 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall.
Homepage Banner Dimensions: 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall.
Image Colors: Up to 256 colors.
Image File Size: 12K maximum size.
Animated GIF's: Allowed, but should be optimized to reduce file size.
JAVA Ads: Not allowed.

All ad graphics should be emailed to: webmaster@community-net.co.uk


Ad graphics will be placed upon receipt of payment. Advertisers will be invoiced by email and hard copy provided by regular mail only upon request. Payment by cheque or postal order are acceptable.
If you have questions regarding the advertising information presented above or require additional details, please send your inquiries by email to: ads@community-net.co.uk,or Telephone (01332) 672641.

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